March 2015: Stiftung Verbraucherschutz

Here is the latest imagefilm comissioned by Stiftung Verbraucherschutz with music and sounds by Tonotion. It is all about the dangers of plastic food packaging. 

February 2015: Stiftung Verbraucherschutz

Tonotion produces music and sounds for another animation comissioned by  Stiftung Verbraucherschutz. This time it is all about return and cancellation.

January 2015: Own Drum

Florian Tippe composes the music for "Own Drum", the new film by director Kai Stänicke. It is a meticiously crafted splatter puppet animation with remodelled Barbie puppets. A part of the extensive sound design was produced in Tonotion Studio as well.

November 2014: Tonotion produces three more image films for 123comics, this time they are comissioned by Frauennotruf Hamburg.

October 2014: Boxom

In cooperation with the singer Y'Akoto Florian Tippe composes the music for Helge Letonja's dance theatre piece "Boxom". The shows take place at Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen and Theater am Goetheplatz Bremen.

August 2014: Samsung

Tonotion produces the entire sound design for the Samsungs Smart Home presentation at IFA 2014.

July 2014: Florian Tippe produces sound design for Nevin Aladag's video installation "Borderline" and "High Season Samos".

June 2014: In cooperation with 123comics Tonotion produces music and sounds for image films comissioned by Jugendrotkreuz and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

February 2014: Stiftung Verbraucherschutz

Tonotion produces music and sounds for another animation film comissioned by Stiftung Verbraucherschutz. This time it is about lactose- and glutenfree products. 

November 2013: Stiftung Verbraucherschutz

Tonotion produces the jingle and the sound design for an explantory film about health claims comissioned by Stiftung Verbraucherschutz.

August 2013: Consuming Me

The short film The Thought of You is Consuming me by Kai Stänicke with music and sound design by Tonotion has been shown successfully at various festival.  Now we can finally present it here as well.

April 2013: Session

It was great fun to do the sound editing for Nevin Aladag’s latest work Session. It’s a 3 channel video installation featuring traditional arabic musical instruments. They are “played” by desert wind, waves, sand, dripping water and the wind blast on a motor bike. Mixed and edited at Tonotion studio, the instruments form a band!

December 2012: ISM

This explanatory animation is another collaboration with 123comics.  This time it is all about reading techniques.

October 2012: Lux

Another image film by 123comics with music and sounds by Tonotion. The film was produced for the exhibition Lux like Comics. As always the music and all the sounds are handmade and recorded in the studio.

August 2012: EURegionalförderung

And another animation film by 123comics with music and sounds by Tonotion. The subject of the cutout animation are cutbacks in the regional policy budget of the EU

June 2012: ISM

Tonotion produces music and sound design for an image film by 123comics beatifully made in cut-out-stop-motion-technique. Everything that you hear is handmade at Tonotion Studio.

May 2012: Florian Tippe composes and produces the music for Augusto Jaramillo Pineda's extremely entertaining dance theatre piece Adonai. It is premiered on May 31 at Schwankhalle Bremen.

March 2012: Coldstar

"Cold Star" is awarded the "Prädikat:besonders wertvoll" of the German movie rating agency and will be promoted as their "short film of the month".

January 2012:
The music for Kai Stänikes short film 'The thought of you is consuming me' is composed and produced by Florian Tippe at Tonotion studio.

October 2012:
Florian Tippe composes the music for Isabel Mohn's new dance theatre piece 'Be sombody else', which is premiered in Montreal, Canada.

August 2011: Schloss

Sounddesign and music for Nurkan Erpulat's und Jens Hillje's theatre version of Kafka's 'The Castle' are produced by Florian Tippe. The piece premieres at the Ruhrtriennale 2011 will be shown later at Deutsches Theater Berlin.

June 2011:
Florian Tippe produces the sound design for the music theatre piece "Sorori" by Ulrike Ruf. The voice recordings are made in at Tonotion Studio.


May 2011:
The new "Clausberg" CD is produced at Tonotion Studio.


March 2011:
The film music for Ulrich Kleiner`s documentary about a school project in Dar-es-Salaam is produced at Tonotion Studio.


February 2011:
The music for Weed e.V.´s campaign film against the EU raw materials initiative is produced by Tonotion.


January 2011:
The sound design for Kai Stänicke`s short film and music video "Cold Star" is produced by Florian Tippe in the Tonotion Studio.


December 2010:
Tonotion produces the music for a promotional film of "Sprachenatlier Berlin".


October 2010:
Florian Tippe composes the musik for the dance theatre piece "je suis tombé" by Helge Letonja as part of the festival "KoresponDance


September 2010:
Tonotion produces the film music for the film "Vorabendprogramm" by Rainer Wessels.


August 2010:
Tonotion produces music for Sara Musinowski's project "Elektrowalz"


July 2010:
Florian Tippe produces the sound design for the documentary "Helgoland-Insel der Stürme" by Robert Morgenstern


May 2010:
The "Home Project" gives a guest perfomance at Schwankhalle in Bremen, Germany.


March 2010:
Florian Tippe composes and plays the music for Isabel Mohn´s dance theatre project "The Home Project" in Montreal, Canada.


January 2010:
The music for Benjamin Koch´s western "Memories of Tomorrow" is being recorded and produced in the Tonotion Studio.


October 2009:
Florian Tippe produces the sounddesign for Larissa Lauber´s film "The Nightingale and the Rose".


September 2009:
Music for Robert Morgenstern´s new documentary on Helgoland is recorded in the Tonotion Studio.


August 2009:
Tonotion produces the music for the trailer for Michael Haneke`s latest film The white Ribbon, which won the Golden Palm in Cannes this year. Florian Tippe arranges and produces a song by F. Schubert in a version for string sextet. The solo violine is played by Youngkun Kwak and recorded in Tonotion Studio.


July 2009:
Tonotion produces modularly structured music and Corporate Sound for live TV-productions of the Berlin based TV station Astro TV.


May 2009:
Florian Tippe produces the sound design for the animation film "Haircut" by Gillian Wood. Dialogue editing, ADR- and foley-recordings are made at Tonotion Studio.


April 2009:
Florian Tippe`s sounddesign for the animation film "Luciferin" by Daniel Rath is finished.


March 2009:
Tonotion´s sounddesign and original music for the film F60 by Anna van der meulen are completed!


September 2008:
The first CD by the band "Lashley" is finally finished!


August 2008:
The cooperation with J&M Design will be extended. Next year there will be an open-air art installation with sound design by Florian Tippe in Nikosia, Cyprus


July 2008: Come to the great studiowarming party on June 5 at 6 pm! Three fantastic bands will be playing: Krahmer, Lashley and CMAA.